Conference #50 - ARM devices and your freedom

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Conference introduction

ARM devices have become an overwhelming part of our computing, present in most embedded and mobile devices. While free software seems prominent on ARM platforms, for instance with Android on phones and tablets, and various other GNU/Linux systems on single board computers and plug computers, not all systems and platforms are equal in terms of software freedom.

About speaker


Paul Kocialkowski started using free software in 2008 and soon gained interest in software freedom, with a particular emphasis on running fully free systems. After an unfortunate soldering accident on his Openmoko FreeRunner board, he decided to try out Replicant, the fully free Android version. Starting as a user of the system, he gradually became the main developer of the project and holds that position since more than two years now. He is also in charge of maintaining the single board computers and plug computers comparisons from the software freedom perspective on the Free Software Foundation's website.

Conference description

Over this talk, various aspects of the platforms built around the ARM architecture will be reviewed from the perspective of software freedom. First, it will introduce what ARM is and the concept of System on a Chip (SoC) as well as the different form factors and use cases for ARM devices. An overview of the various hardware platforms that use the ARM architecture will then be drawn, along with comparisons between these platforms regarding software freedom. The communities build around some of these platforms will also be introduced. The talk will put the emphasis on the free software and systems available for each platform.

Free Software Foundation's hardware resources about single board computers:

LibrePlanet pages on single board computers and plug computers:


  • Wednesday 9/7 à 11:40 | Amphi 31 - 43.632778;3.862760

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