Conference #225 - Building a sustainable business model with your community

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Conference introduction

Despite the legitimacy that free software has gained in recent years, many questions remain about the economic model of free software development. However, there is no doubt about the value provided by these software to the communities. How then to have the community fund the development, fairly and in the long term?

About speaker


After having founded Open Initiative in 2010 to ease agile projects for small businesses, we launched in 2013 Open Funding, cofunding platform for free software.

Conference description

Have users fund developments with a professional relationship, allow developers to focus on their development activity by organizing a support network specialized in the community management and communication campaigns, think the funding in the long run with consideration of the roadmap, these are some of the major keys used by Open Funding to provide a sustainable business model to free software development.

Open Funding is an cofunding platform for free software. The principle is to fund, feature by feature, the changes proposed by developers of free software. This gives users a way to improve the software they use, and developers have a business model for their work. Developers commit on a result, and users validate development, to ensure bugs will be fixed. It brings a professional approach of funding, and thus provides a sustainable business model for free software.

Today, Open Funding is moving towards the opening of its model by allowing everyone to use this model for their own projects. This talk aims at presenting this model for projects willing to improve the funding of their development.


  • Thursday 10/7 à 11:40 | A.6.04 - 43.632729;3.864030

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