Conference #134 - Haiku, one package at a time

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Conference introduction

Haiku, the free software operating system inspired by BeOS, has recently adopted an original package management system. We will describe its design, along with the other new features that gets us closer to an R1 version.

About speaker


Developer on the Haiku project, engineer, contributor to many free software projects, founding member of the LOAD hackerspace, member of G3L and TripleA.

Conference description

Haiku is a free software operating system inspired by BeOS.

Since the R1/alpha4 version, an original packaging system was designed, allowing for a fast and easy installation of a lot of software without any on-disk unpacking. The haikuporter tool has been revamped with inspirations from Gentoo Portage, to now permit compiling dependencies automatically and selecting the right compiler for the desired architecture, and generate the packages.

Other enhancements were also added to Haiku since R1/alpha4, like improvements to the scheduler, the WebKit-based browser, and more support for the x86_64 architecture.

And this year’s Google Summer of Code will likely also brings in even more features.


  • Thursday 10/7 à 11:10 | Amphi 31 - 43.632778;3.862760

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