Conference #110 - Debian GIS

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Conference introduction

Introducing a Debian Pure Blend for Geographic Information Systems

About speaker


I'm a physicist by profession and a Debian developer since 1998. After creating the Debian Med project in 2002 I extended the principle of user oriented projects inside Debian (so called Debian Pure Blends) and also tried to apply the principles developed in the Debian Med team into other teams like Debian Science, DebiChem and Debian Edu. I dived into the Debian GIS team in 2013 and was able to help to some extend here.

Conference description

Debian tries to support software for Geographic Information Systems as best as possible. The Debian GIS team tries their best to create packages of all relevant software including Openstreetmap software. The talk will explain the cooperation between Debian GIS and the OSGEO distribution and the future plans of both teams to create the best distribution of GIS software.


  • Wednesday 9/7 à 14:00 | Amphi 7 - 43.631649;3.863560

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