Conference #109 - Mentoring in the Debian Med team

Systèmes d'information médicaux 40 mn en_US Professionnal Confirmed

Conference introduction

The Debian Med team has a good tradition in mentoring newcomers. The talk will explain how this could work for others to get their package of interest included into Debian.

About speaker


I'm a physicist by profession and a Debian developer since 1998. In 2002 I started the Debian Med project and worked since then to collect a lot of people around this topic inside Debian.

Conference description

The Debian Med team tries to package Free Software which is relevant in the field of Medicine and Biology. We have made quite some progress over the last 11 years. This was also made possible since we are actively working on forming a strong team working on the same goal. Since some software is quite complex we try to pool our knowledge with upstream and provide some training in Debian packaging. One part of this is the so called project "Mentoring of Month". The talk will explain how we try to smoothen the way for newcomers into our team to work on their own packages of interest to finally get them included into Debian.


  • Tuesday 8/7 à 16:30 | A.6.04 - 43.632729;3.864030

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